Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel47.77
2Jacques van der Hout47
3Montauzou Alain45.71
4Montauzou Alain45.71

Last day for us in Luderitz. We (Me, Hans, Vincent) waited until 15 PM but it was never really windy. We just went out in a dying wind and we did 5 last runs to say goodbye to the canel.

Just made 5 runs at the end of the day to get another session in hate to leave seen the forecast but great also to leave and go home feeling happy to take my records home with me. Knowing i was on top all weeks i can be a lot faster if the guys beat my 52,26knots videotiming ;)

Big thanks to my sponsors Neilpryde/ JP-Australia/ Z-fins/ BAR DE STULP RENESSE/ who made this possible hopefully next time i'll get some more and if you are intersted please contact me.

Also big thanks to Raffi for making it possible and all the guys and girls helping. Till next year!!!!!

Pas assez lourd.........