Results of the day
1Patrick Van Hoof34.24
2Scotty Stallman33.9
3Kev Greenslade33.63
4Simon Pettifer33.26
5Mark Newman32.26
6Adrian Wallis30.61
7Neven Juretic30.17
8George Fulton29.7
9Paul Arnold29.04
10Rob King28.92
11Steve Thompson27.71
12Phil Lewin26.72
13Chris Cleland26.35

Southerly, pretty tough!

quick session after a day out , chop was ruining my runs

Day 1 of Speed Week 2018

bumpy session, but einjoyed, sunny, wind and lovely people

Weymouth Speed Week day one.

very choppy gusty

Speedweek day 1

Southerly, pretty tough!