Results of the day
1Scotty Stallman37.4
2Mark Newman36.42
3Michael George33.96
4Lee Spencer32.73
5Norman Petty31.05

Another full on session....pleased with the result!

Forgotten how to go fast/need to get new kit choose the excuse

Yey PR(s)!

After a good day yesterday, I expected a lot more from this session.

The wind was broader than yesterday but it was much gustier and the holes along the course killed my speed on small kit.

Things weren't working nearly as well as they were for me yesterday. I tried the Speed 54 but even that didn't seem enough with the 5.6m.

Perhaps I'd have been better off on small slalom kit?

Big congrats to Mark for beating his spot best which has stood since 2007 or 2008. Hopefully the next one will be in less than 10 years. ;)

Yey PR(s)!