Results of the day
1Jean-marc Degrelle42.5
2Laurent Fesquet40.94
3Patrick Depoorter40.68
4Dirk Hacha40.61

first hour was beautiful,

after,wind increased and it was to strong and square pour speed up ,

congrats for your peeds , patrick !!

The next day...

43.68 kt max          PB     80.89 km/h max

Yesterday one or two runs showed that my set was fast. Adding some spacers, and the new Loftsails extention making it possible to trim the sails perfectly as I wanted, made the 5.1m² faster than the 5.6m². Finaly!

I used 6kg extra weight.+ 2liter water in the camelback made it 8kg extra to start with. Yesterday the wind dropped before I got a decent avg, today I was lucky!

Dirk and I were first to rig, after a while Jean-Marc came and he was first in the water. We followed soon. Just the 3 of us in good speed conditions. I managed to do 5 good runs in 1 hour, pr time!

After lunch Laurent joined us. It was magical, only 4 Loftsails Speed Blade's on the water in a hard tramontana up to 50kt. I Managed to better 2 runs after lunch in very difficult conditions,  and bring the avg to this point 40.68 kt- 75.33 km/h :) it felt completly in control.

From here on, I consider myself as a member of the 40kt club 

This was by far the best session I've sailed here, and not only in terms of speed, but being only 4 of us, brings a relaxed way of speedsailing and the company was great!

Tnx to for the great support!

43.68 kt max          PB     80.89 km/h max

42.95 kt 2s             PB    79.55 km/h   2s

41.62 kt 10s run     PB    77.08 km/h   10s run

40.68 kt avg           PB     75.33 km/h   avg

2 times 80+ top speed, (gw-60): 

80,60km/h 43.52kt

80,89km/h 43.66kt

File GT-31






Gefeliciteerd Patrick mooie cijfers man klasse.

epic numbers  patric   

de 80 kmh komt wel heel dicht bij    

en de avg    verry nice   

keep it up   my frind   


benieuwd ook naar de haca  zijn nummers 


Omtrent samme vind som i går. Litt bedre kontroll i dag, men klarte ikke helt å få god fart på brettet. Katapultet ca kl 18 og røk lina + sprekk i bom, så da var det bare å gi seg. Ingen bra average denne gangen heller.  

Day 5, Monday
Arrived on the beach at 9.30 am for my 5th surfing day in a row.
The circumstances seemed perfect......but I was there alone (!?). Fortunately, Pat and JM arrived a little later and we were able to enjoy LF at its best with 3, and later with a 4th Loftsailor, Laurent.
My 5.4 was too big on the square course, only when steering a little downwind I could lock and accelerate my set, but then it soon became very tricky.
After 5 runs on the edge it was urgent time for a break.
After an hour a further attempt followed, but the wind had even increased a little. Did another 3 runs, but the last one was that run too much. Fortunately could reach de beach safe and sound.
It was undoubtedly a possible PR day, but only Pat brought his PR home!
He could let his set run loose nicely, completely under control. Big congratz! And with 5 good runs there is still room for improvement.

Personnaly I never had a LF trip with 5 sailing days in a row, so I'm also very pleased. The next 2 days, there is (really ;-) no wind predicted, so time to enjoy the summertime with my wife.