Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout46.83
2Andy Holland41.58
3Matthew York41.5
4Neil Hardwick39.13
5Mark Hayford38.54
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Average 5 runs from on GT-31 screen is 88 km/h. Looks like i miss some runs in software. But what does it matter. Happy New Year.

perfect storm to kick off 2018 , sadly it wasnt as windy as we hoped for , still windy but not nuclear , also not as broad ok for some who like it square :) jac ..

but no good for me , couldnt get it together in the morning , managed 5 runs before the wall breach , to be honest i picked the wrong board , should have went with the 43 not the 40 ,but hay next time 

afternoon was better for me 43 speed demon worked well in the square course ,sadly the wind had dropped a few knots by then but still fun 

Had to go to work in the morning, so missed the stronger morning winds.but I did managed a short afternoon lighter wind session. The wind had already dropped off, it felt like 20k to 30k with short gusts, struggled to even get going sometimes. Dead west, so pretty square direction, but super flat water. Far from perfect, but it was still loads of fun and not too cold. I'm thinking it might be time to replace my very old SB W44, Its feeling pretty dated when I see other nice new speedboards in the carpark :) top day

Great first session ,second tried a different mast and lost about 2kts compared with Mat.

Looking forwards to the next session,great to finally get back to speed !

Well done to Jacques who smashed it,and to Neil and Jacques for there help

Repost Kirby Session. Speeds are from GPSAR. Wait stil for reply from Manfred Fuchs from GPS3 about the real speeds that i can post as there is a big difference between the software. Thanks Raymond Wortel for your help.

Repost. Answer from Manfred Fuchs;

The limits for the measurement error are +/-2knots for the GT31 (1Hz data) and +/-4knots for the GW60 (5Hz). The large errors can be due to the strong deceleration or going very fast over larger chop at the end of the runs that cannot be reliably recorded by the GT31. A GW60 (not worn at the wrist, but at the upper arm with a strap-extension) would have been better in that situation.

If one increases the error limits in the filter settings to e.g. +/-3knots, unreliable points are taken into account and better 10s averages result, however, the errors of the runs (+/- column in the results section) increase also as expected. For example the second fastest run has the largest errors (up to +/-2.7knots) and is only run #9 when applying the agreed error limits and make a big difference in the 5x19s average unfortunately...

Track is stil under investigation by Yann. I hope i can stil post my 5x 10 seconds average of 47,62 knots.