Results of the day
1Pete Young37.3
2Patrick Van Hoof37.02
3Jim Crossley36.81
4Simon Pettifer36.46
5Scotty Stallman36.17
6Paul Sibley35.23
7John Oliver34.66
8Garry Connell34.63
9Grant Cottrell 34.39
10Shaun Cook33.61
11Matthew York33.51
12Zara Davis33.21
13Ewan Paterson32.96
14Adrian Wallis32.63
15Lee Spencer32.51
16Robin Russell32.34
17George Fulton31.98
18Tyler Baker31.82
19Simon Chippington 31.8
20Dean Hutchinson31.59
21Steve Thompson29.92
22Tania Mertens23.52

wsw ,that many 500 attempts was a killer totally knackered!

Big Monday at Weymouth Speedweek 17.  Drake 30 Fin did a sterling job but it might have seen its last day as there are some worrying surface cracks appearing on both sides!

Windy Day at WSW great conditions. I think this was my fastest 500m on this course.


Weymouth speed week , awesome day !!!!!

Speed week

PB 500m in Portland Harbour

Great conditions in Weymouth, but it took me almost the whole day to find that a knot in the foot of the extension had slipped 4 cm. 15 minutes left of the day/heat with proper downhaul, but then I was soooooooo tired. 5 hour in the water today. Hats of for everyone that made 36 knots over 500 metres! 

nice sunny day, hard work to hold the speed. 

my favorit combo 7,0- Falcon 89 and SonntagGPS6 30

Weymouth Speed Week , great fun day , hard to get a 500m run with full power.

Weymouth Speed Week, awsome day.

Great day. New 500m PB. Need to try bigger sail!

a great day entering Weymouth speed week.

kit used over the day 98 + 90ltr x-fire, 6.3+5.7 firewing. on port tack

first run out on the new boards at weymouth speedweek , should have been on the 6.2 , 7.1 was a bit of a hand full , but board felt great , more time on the water needed on big kit i think 

Weymouth speed week, should have been on the 6.3, but still a good day.

Rigged this on a 460 rather than 430 left the foot a bit messy looking. Look at correct mast or extension with neater foot. Sunny day!