Results of the day
1Pete Young38.18
2Scotty Stallman36.05
3Ian Richards35.74
4Simon Pettifer35.28
5Lee Spencer33.51
6Mark Newman33.43
7Paul Arnold32.79
8Sam Anstey 32.17
9George Morris31.3
10Alex Bennett-Baggs30.61
11Chris Pankhurst 29.98
12Ken Bartlett29.17
13Tyler Baker29.16
14Mark Matthews28.18
15George Fulton25.02
16Mike Barnett23.97

First time out since surgery in February not good but not bad!

Held onto the 6.6 for as long as I could, didn't have time to change found out I could have stayed for another hour or so ??

Well 5.8 was a good choice when I rigged! The wind built quicker than forecast and was very gusty so not a comfortable session but not worth rigging again as the tide was fast falling. I came in in time to avoid even stronger winds that by then were gusting up to 46mph.

Nice bit of speed should have got there a tad earlier 33 avg was up for grabs again damm it. Had a nice crash popped an ear drum so bummer, also gonna buy a helmet

JP 71/7.0 - CA 53/6.4 - CA 44/6.4/26

 thanks to paul for loading up my track as iv been shut out  from results  untill im live again ,,,, its updates coming through on computor that causes  it iv been told  mmm 

 water went pretty quick before i could  test me new harness lines    seemed to be  a lot better 


   keep plenty of room  in ya pants for your balls  ,,, same applies for harness lines 

unfortunately cannot auto upload data from gw60 through gpsar at the moment as i need to cut a piece of the track out.really annoying!

good days blast with matapult and the portlanders, kicking myself for not taking the 91/25 combo out istuck with the 112/33 as i'v had over 36kts with the board fin combo so was trying to max it out, i think the board was too big for the gusts and wasnt translaing the speed, 5.8 still quite new and not zoned out on it, the home made fin performed nicely 

JP 71/7.0 - CA 53/6.4 - CA 44/6.4/26