Results of the day
1Robert Hofmann40.92
2christophe peyrouse39.58
3Klaus Küppenbender39.5
4Armin Hoefer39.35
5Wolfgang Lewang38.86
6Jean-marc Degrelle38.83
7Patrick Depoorter37.95
8Tim Otte37.25
9Birgit Hoefer36.42

Relaxing very hot LF day!!

36°C when I left the beach!

This was a day you don't expect in june, so hot! Even on the water it was hot, like a hairdryer on 10!

Was very relaxed, even with many people on run. Nice to see back so many familiar faces! 

Wind was square most of the time, hard to go fast, but easy sailing, never overpowerd and still a top 5 session for me!

Winds-Up graphics show only max 33kt, so very happy with the speeds in this wind.


Same session, posting from GT-31. 

For comparison, wil delete later

even if light was light and gusty, that was nice,relax,and very warm weather !

nice day with Armin;Birgit;kai,Christian,Tim,Roberto and my Trainingspartner Wolfgang,sunny ,not so windy,first square ,after lunch the Mistral got in so very broad

light wind session with the 5.2. Bigger sail would have been faster, but I have to find the set up with my new sail in all conditions......

New PB,

It was a nice day, with a lot of friends on the water.


really nice day at LF with a lot of friends, finally my best speed day so far ! Several new PB´s ;-)))

started late, just when the wind dropped.

first session with my new board, great fun!