Results of the day
1Matthew York44.93
2Jim Crossley44.54
3Dave White44.2
4Ian Richards43.53
5Antony Todd43.42
6Andy Holland42.03
7Neil Hardwick41.01

what a day that turned out to be , stoked aint the word , not only did i beat dave white ,but smashed all my pbs , super broad at kirby ,sometime to broad but the isonic like it broad and was killing it , 44.93 average frigging awesome 

Loving my Loftsails SpeedBlade!

It's been far too long since I was at West Kirby, always enjoyed the comradeship of all those competing, can't be many events where you want to beat the next man yet give him your secrets at the same time. That said, I might be tapping up Matthew York next time the wind blows, he was simply killing it. 

Quite pleased to have managed a session like that after breaking my collarbone only a few months ago, weight jacket didnt feel great on it so had to keep it on the light side.. Not a classic West Kirby so great pb numbers by Matty... well done.

One GPS won't write to file and the other is completely different numbers from GPSAR and both GPS so will try and get somebody to look at my file...but this is all i can get for now.  I think it must be something to do with leaving the EU.

Not a day to remember as conditions not classic but great to get out after so long without speed and conditions.

Tendon broke, ended up with my board and new zfin on the rocks and had to do a mile run all the way round the lake to sort it out. Missed some of the good conditions in this time.

Tried a few equipment combos and learned a lot.

Well done Mat who has found form and good to see Ian going for it after his injuries only a short time away.

Not really an all time day but great to get back to Wesy Kirby after so long without speed conditions.

UJ tendon snapped with my board ending up on the rocks on the far side of the lake.  Had to do a mile run all round to sort this out!  Thanks to Andy Holland for holding my rig.

Tested a few different combos and learned a lot.

Having a few data issues as numbers are all a bit strange with some big discripancies.  I have sent tracks in to be checked.

Nice to be on speed kit after such a long time.Turned out to be a good day ,bit broard at times.Well done to mat who was flying today.

Great to meet up with everyone,hoping for a few more this year. 

Loving my Loftsails SpeedBlade!