Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout47.42
2Hans Kreisel46.67
3Antony Todd45.91
4Damien Nico45.61
5Dirk Jan Knol44.32
6Reginald Gyselinck43.96
7Dennis De Pauw43.89
8Gerwin Slingerland43.58
9Robert Hofmann43.47
10Christian Bornemann43.42
11Nico Nouwen42.49
12Marcel Hooijmans42.31
13Jean-marc Degrelle42.12
14Johan Huitema42.06
15Wolfgang Lewang41.71
16Wolfgang Lewang41.68
17Edwin Harteveld41.23
18Klaus Küppenbender41.18
19Klaus Küppenbender41.18
20Koen Onderbeke40.04
21Dirk Hacha39.98
22Andreas Grosse-Holz39.27
23Paul Morris37.9
24Marie-Paule Geldhof37.11
25Pat Erauw36.52
26Eric Bellande26.54

Conditions came good today at La Franqui, Probably the best i have seen for a while. Super happy with my new PB's. 

nice conditions today,a little bit disappointed when I see everybody's flying !!

big congrats to antony,jacques,hans and all speedsurfers ;)

Had to leave when the best was coming! Guess it was not my weekend!
Start to get the feeeling with Speed Blade 5.4! It also really busy today, but nice that so many Surfers share the passion!

1e keer op Franqui met deze combi, loopt beter dan de vorige setje met 5.6; ben er nog niet helemaal, heb verder ook weinig risico genomen, had geen zin in blessures en dergelijke, moet wel alleen terug rijden.

Sochtend werd het op een gegeven moment mooi glad en toen de beste tijden gezet, smiddags werd de wind meer NW en kwam de chop er weer in.

En mn PR op Franqui weer verbeterd, .. het is niet echt mijn spot om vol uit te gaan, maar lekker varen en plezier hebben in zon mooie omgeving is ook wat waard! (net vakantie hier)

nice job Antony ... 

not my day, big crash without injury and lost all mi power at this time 

Whaaaaauwwww !!!

PB 2s, avg and mile.


What a day again, and what a beautiful sport ;-)

This sail/board/fin combo was flying all day long.
Next goal: 90km/u max and a decent 500m.


Nice to see so many friends around.

Ant, well done mate!

Vandaag voor het eerst met de 5,4 CHS gevaren, I Like!!!  eerste run was nog redelijk snel met een mooie Top, was ook achter Hans aan ;-) Daarna zakte de wind weg. hmm was ik toch te laat gestart. Nee hoor, de wind kwam weer terug en de snelheden gingen langzaam omhoog.  De Runs eigenlijks wat verkeerd opgeboud vandaag, te veel laten afschieten in de Chop. Dit geeft wel hoge pieken, maar  de runs net niet snel genoeg voor de eerste 5 runs. Later meer langs het kantje gevaren. dit was dus slechter voor de topsnelheid maar beter voor de 10 sec runs.  mooi dagje dus. Hopelijk morgen vroeg nog een herhaling van vandaag.

Dennis Top gevaren Jonge en gefeliciteerd met je mooie PR.

Did not think I would be coming to LF this year, but taking motorway instead of RN makes it much easier. Started with 23 fin,was too big but gave me fastest run :). After board went flying a crash at 60, bruised right leg and arm, had a short rest to recover, but proud that I went on the water again for some 30kms more afterwards with the smaller fin. Erratic tram today, very broad and never really flat, wind up and down (related to cloud cover?), so kudos to myself that I made this into my 3rd fastest session ever. Special to have Antoine surfing among us for a while (came down from La Franqui village on a slalom board) and Pascal Maka standing on shore as if watching over us... Congrats to iron surf lady Marie-Paule, maybe plan your next trip to Namibia ?

Nice day with Klaus, Wolfgang and many other speedsurfers

Happy to be on the water again

missed the strong wind in the morning

PB 5 *10 und max Speed. Display 46,2 Knoten. Not happy with my average but potential for next time : )

Sessie 56: Nog een paar uurtjes gesurfd, helaas moesten we toen alweer het strand verlaten, maandagmorgen wacht het werk.. Toch een heerlijk weekend met veel gezellige speedies!

Lifetime achievement completed today at La franqui with 4x 2 sec speeds over 40 knots - wow. In the company of greatness so my speeds don't look too great alongside some of the best of the day but I'm still happy. Well worth the trip down to S France again and worth  the pain of sleeping in the hotel 'Mondeo'. Saturday wasn't too good a day with some average speeds and broke a mast and had a huge walk back with kit and then a swim later when the wind dropped off!! Too old for all this?! Really pleased to have broken 40 kts but how do these guys do 50 knots+? Incredible. It was a pleasurte to be sailing in the company of many of the fastest people in the world.....

Nice trip to la franqui with my made Marcel. congratulations for every body with there PR s..

Report of me and myself :  i made a big crash on a sandbank just i went to go down .  after a visit too the dokter when i came home were the conclusion "you have broken your nose". I told the dokter iam lucky and married see you next time .  

I am proud of my 3 month with an avg off more dan 80 .

thanks everybody for the great time    

Voor mij een mooi Pr op een aantal onderdelen

Me is happy

Session with mixed feelings..
First time in a long time I got the chance to come over to La Franqui. So I was stoked to be here, but getting annoying  news at the first day already, I needed to drive back the next day to the office ruined my positive energy. Bad thing is that my speedbuddies their speedtrip also came to an abrupt end because of me. Sorry guys...

So got on the water with an unpleasant feeling that had a bad influence on my sailing, didn’t get the right mix between zen and focus and not really enjoying myself… took me a few hours and some help of my friends to get my mind in the right place and my concentration on the sailing as it should, and get a bit of enjoyment out of it.
Resulting in three great runs, but a crash which took me a lot off effort getting back to the shoreline took away a lot of my energy and forced me to call it a day.

So still mixed feelings about the session. Super happy with these three great runs, but disappointed I didn’t have a more relaxed weekend that would have enabled me to do more of these runs and most of all… enjoy it more.
So looking forward to sail the small gear again, enjoy it to max as it should, and get those five… or more…great runs in a row!

First time also on an asy fin, which really makes some deference on high speed… faster and more reliable, feels great. The Fanatic Falcon Speed 44 was super easy to sail, and the Neil Pryde Racing EVO6 gave me solid power and control too… so very pleased with my gear.

I don’t know if the other guy’s share the same “sensation” but getting in the mid or high 80km/h in the chop, it seems the vision always gets blurred.. don’t know if I need to get my eyes checked or if this is “normal”
Anyhow, now I know… when I don’t see clearly where I’m going… its becoming fast :-D

Congrats to everybody who sailed there PB’s and to everybody mastering these conditions.
Special thanks to the friends who gave me a chin up after the frustrating news to head back.
And special congrats to my young buddy Dennis de Pauw who showed some great sailing and progression again!

Great to have a full power session again on the 45 JP speed it felt like ages! But got up to speed straight away and maxed over 50 knots 3times. Started really early when the wind was more square because i had to leave early to get a few hours of sleep before work on monday so i maybe was a bit to wild in the morning and used up my energy to early so missed some power when the windangle turned for the better. But really happy with the results anyway any day over 50 is a good one and had a lot of fun and a lot of other witm me. Well done to Jacques with the win and run of the day and all the other guys with pb's. Hopefully soon more.

Big thanks to my sponsors WINDSURFCANDY.COM, NEILPRYDE, JP-AUSTRALIA,Z-FINS, Maui Jim, Jonker Funsports Renesse, Vitaalwerk. NP wetsuits

Day 2 LF trip with Regi & Dennis

Although the possibility was there, I couldn't sail speeds near to my PR.
I could not cope with the sudden wind holes that prevented me of staying sheeted in during the whole run. Maybe I took not enough focus to make my runs in the first bay. The rest of the strip still was very twisty, it was not possible to do safe long reaches in the flattest water.

First part I sailed with a Sonntag X1 20cm (thanks Pat VH), 2nd part with a mXr 20 asy.
Both good speedfins, for me no noticeable difference in speed. Hence the fin was not the reason for the poor speeds ;-)

After a longer break, I went back on the water, but in my first leg I probably just tapped a sandbar and crashed.
With a touched knee and...self-confidence, I plugged out directly :-(

Although it was, by circumstances, a shorter trip then planned, again it was amazing to sail at this wonderfull place with a lot of like-minded people.

Next time we take with us what we've learned, and maybe then I get the ducks better in a row.

Congratulations to my teammates Regi & Dennis and all others with a PR. Enjoy it!

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Good old times,now waiting for new board



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