Results of the day
1Dirk Jan Knol35.5
2Armin Hoefer33.09
3Johan Huitema32.4
4Oane Kingma31.53
5Birgit Hoefer29.48
6Birgit Hoefer29.48
7Mats Ferner27.51
8Hans vanOyen26.85

Sessie 46: S'morgens en s'midaags een paar uurtjes gevaren in Devils Bay. Heerlijk om hier te zijn! Helaas laatste dag!

A very nice day, with a lot of friends on the water.

Day 14 on Karpathos

Unfortunately the last day for us for sailing, flying back early tomorrow, so I only sailed in the morning. After a few runs I thought the wind was pretty constant and the direction seemed pretty square, so I went for an hour attempt.

Unfortunately no overall PB, but only 0.5 km/h shy of it, so that's not bad for such a short track and the conditions. This is definately not the Wadden Sea behind a sand bar... Crashed only one gybe in the second bay, the others were all successful, albeit a bit safe at times.

In the afternoon I took my time to pack up as it was still bloody hot, but everything is ready for the airport tomorrow and the trip back home.

It was great seeing all the familiar faces again this year and having a blast together. What happens on Karpathos, stays on Karpathos I hope ;) Hopefully I'll be back next year, because this place is just incredible (and not just for windsurfing!). Tonight we'll be dining at Poseidon and toasting to another successfull year. Untill next year!

Gestart op een Tabou, ging niet lekker. Daarna toen de wind aantrok een Fanatic Freewave 76 met een Volt 4.5, en dat ging super lekker. Laatste dag op Karpathos, Karpathos waardig aagesloten. Super stek!

P and J.

Last day in Karpathos. It was a very nice week. We hade lots of fun this year  with good winds, and very fast speeds.  Every day it was for me possibel to do  70 km/h.  The fast  CHS Aero sails !!!!!!!! made this possibel. Also the Sonntag SLX 29 was working very good at Karpathos, Thanks  Peter de wit and / Joerg Sonntag.

 Today i did  runs in the other direcktion  and  the 70 km/h was upwind,  ha ha.

  I am sure  i come back next  year,  hopfully with much more  speedsers. This year the wind was back in Karpathos. I like !!!!!