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Event name2021 Prince of Speed GPS Trial World Speed Tour
Start DateSaturday, April 3, 2021
End DateSaturday, January 1, 2022
Event contactinfoPrincipe Baldini
Event sponsorFFVoile - World Speed Tour
Event scope/areaspot

Event description and NOR

From 3 April 2021 till 31 December 2021 you can post your speed on GP3s and subscribe this Event from La Palme – Plage du Rouet.


In the end of the year there will be a ranking based on the following criteria:


a - Best 500m (pretty much straight line)

b - Best 2second 

c - Best 2 second straight line (parallel to the beach)

d – Best 500m woman


The best 500m will have a free slot at Nautical Mile World Record attempt 2022

The best 2 sec. will have a free slot for the World Speed Tour Cup 500m race 2022

The best 2 second in straight line will have a free slot at World Speed Tour Cup 500m race 2022

The best 500m woman will have a free slot for the World Speed Tour Cup 500m race 2022


The free slots are strictly personal. 


There will be some t-shirt and vest to the “well deserved riders” who will push their limits beyond their possibility.


To attempt the free slot at NM or 500m race you need to be member to FFVoile and World Speed Tour info:


Please read the gentleman agreement and the rules for Plage du Rouet…  just written to permit to everyone to enjoy the spot with less risk and more happiness!! Signing for this Event you will automatically accept both GA and Rules.


You race at your own risk….. Don’t sail far away from the shore (100m away is already dangerous).

In summertime (around 20 June-20 September) please don’t sail in the yellow buoys area near the Rouet (swimming zone)


Enjoy this beautiful sport and feel alive kt after kt !

Forever Speed!


About 2020 edition:

Antoine Albeau with 46.21 kts on 500m  got free entry  x POS  Nautical Mile 30 May-30 June 2021

Hans Kreisel with 50.73kts on 2 sec. won a free entry at World Speed Tour Cup 2021 (September)

Heidi Ulrich with 38.19kts on 500m won a free entry for the World Speed Tour Cup 2021 (Sept.)

Dave Williams won a POS Vest for overall impression 

Christian Arnold won a POS vest for 44.25kts on 500m

Thierry Bielak won a POS vest for the Fastest “Master of Speed” with 500m at 43.58kts


Congratulations to them and to everyone was pushing his limits!!!!!!!!

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