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Event nameGran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge
Start DateThursday, April 1, 2021
End DateTuesday, June 1, 2021
Event sponsor• R-Tech Solution AB • Gran Canaria Tourism Board • Chris Benz Waches • AV-Boards • GoPro • Gasoil Custom Fins • Severne Windsurfing • Surf Hub Tenerife • Noer Stick • • Phantom-Windsurfing • boot Düsseldorf • Fuerte Action • Gps-speedsurfi

Event description and NOR

Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge – Virtual Global Tour

3 Events on fin & foil throughout the year + overall winners

Covid-19 restrictions unfortunately continue to determine our lives and converting event planning into a big challenge. For this reason we decided to continue with the online format and make it even bigger: The Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge Virtual Global Tour consists of 3 events:


Period 1:  Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge 01.04. - 31.05.21

Period 2: Summer Edition of the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge 01.07. - 31.08.21

Period 3: The Third 01.10. - 30.11.21

Each period will have their winner and rankings.


Also we give a special topic to each period

Period 1: Who's the fastest on 1/2hr sailing (tribute to Defi long distance race)

Period 2: Who's the fastest alpha racer (summer fun, good vibes)

Period 3: Who's the fastest on 500 m (because it's the Lüderitz World record time)


In each Period we will award Top 3 in the following categories:

OPEN MALE & FEMALE · Grand Master (51-60) · Super Master (61-70) · Ultimate Master (71-99) · Youth (0-10) · Junior (11-14) · Junior Plus (15-18) · Foil (from


To equal the differences between windsurf spots, we'll also raffle in prices between all competitors.


Make sure that you don’t miss a period because at the end of the three events we'll determine the overall winners of the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge Virtual Tour - who will receive the big prices!


So everybody starts to tune his gear because at the End of the year the fastest can win:

For the Top 3 in all our categories of the Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge (Period 1) you can win cool trucker caps from Chris Benz, GoPro accessories, Daily Dose merchandising, AV face masks, shirts & lenyards from Dunkerbeck

Allowed GPS Devices you’ll find HERE

Every registered windsurf spot is valid.

Just switch on your GPS, go to the water and sail as fast as you can.


A big cheer out to our Sponsors helping us to

Thanks to the support of:

…making the event Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge as a part of the virtual global tour possible more year.


Notice of Race Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge

Location:  WORLDWIDE

Date: The Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge (Period1) will take place from the 01.04.2021 till 31.05.2021 23.59h CET


Registration is simple: first register as a user of (GP3S)

For Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge a registration in the Event section is not strictly necessary. By creating the account on gp3s, all participants agree to the terms and conditions of GP3S, including giving us the right to share and publish session data for the rankings of the Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge /+ virtual global Tour and to receive information related to the event. By uploading your session on the platform you enter in the ranking. DSC reserves the right of participation.



The Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge will be based on current GPS-measuring standards and rules. Considering the average speed of 250 m.


Each session you want to publish needs to be uploaded to

Sessions shall be uploaded at the same day or not later than 31.05.2021 (23.59h CET)


All GPS tracks need to be available for verification by the event organization at all times.

The results will be shown on , website: and DSC social media channels (Instagram, Facebook) including possible sharings.


GPS Equipment:

All GPS units approved by (see actual device list here)



Every rider has responsibility for himself. He/she has to have all insurances needed. The organizer will not take any responsibility for rescue operations nor racing accidents.


Event sponsors:

Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge is sponsored by:



The event is organized by Björn Dunkerbeck and his Company E11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck SLU


Event update messages

Event subscribers
1Hans Kreisel53.57
2Vincent Valkenaers53.56
3Bjorn Dunkerbeck52.43
4Andy Laufer52.16
5Jacques van der Hout50.73
6Jim Crossley50.63
7Thomas Moldenhauer47.99
8Nils Bach47.63
9Laurent Fesquet47.4
10Heidi Ulrich47.33
11Christian Arnold47.2
12Christian Benzing47.17
13Ron Koldeweid46.79
14Daniel Borgelind46.34
15Rolf de Ruiter45.78
16Minos Efstathiadis45.55
17Leon Dirks45.53
18Raimundo Sala Albert45.5
19Floris Wondergem45.31
20Melek Toraman45.24
21Brian Rogild45.08
22Sébastien Bourgeois44.94
23Serge Beumer44.9
24Johan Huitema44.67
25Marc Roosli44.5
26Michel Meijer44.3
27Patrick Oberlender44.16
28Ingmar Daldorf44.13
29Remco Kes43.83
30Liam Dunkerbeck43.66
31Aaron White43.58
32Manfred Fuchs43.52
33Stefan Brouwers43.45
34Tim Joosten43.4
35Uwe-Sören Schmidt43.36
36Gilles Paredes-Vinuales43.13
37Ralf Ewers42.96
38Raymond Wortel42.57
39Robin Blondeel42.47
40Anne Schindler42.27
41Edgar Hoendervangers42.24
42Bram Kloosterman42.18
43Geoff Cook42.12
44Robert Mulder42.08
45Rafal Kapuscinski41.98
46Dirk Hacha41.97
47Marc Kappes41.46
48Adam Mróz41.4
49Koen Onderbeke41.27
50Kurt Van Holderbeke41.04
51Benjamin Verdin40.82
52John Skye40.77
53Willem Wolvers40.58
54Kai Kaufmann40.52
55Edu Hoekstra40.5
56Anthony Rebours40.47
57Rene Mienis40.4
58Jan Hendrik de Bruin40.36
59Dani Coca Serra40.34
60Oane Kingma40.24
61Kean Rogers40.2
62Heiko Michaelsen40.12
63Wessel Douma39.87
64Martin Egard39.85
65Anne Fahner39.82
66Quinten Joosten39.43
67Martijn Mobach39.32
68Alwin Visker39.27
69Georg Nassauer38.89
70Theo Haarsma38.89
71Garry Goodwin38.8
72Tim Aerts38.73
73Alexander Doukas38.7
74Marie-Paule Geldhof38.68
75Patrick de Jongh38.54
76Fer van der Plas38.31
77Oliver Schaarschmidt38.06
78Aart Veerman38.01
79Boris Mueller37.94
80Bendix Engemann37.85
81Scott Simms37.81
82Rob Emery37.74
83Jos Voormolen37.61
84Adam Bakker37.57
85Manolis Kapnisakis37.57
86Taty Frans37.49
87Sébastien Noiseau37.45
88Jakub Salek37.39
89Søren Kjær37.34
90Slawek Zielinski37.15
91John Overmeer36.93
92Birger Bruhns36.89
93Andres Baas36.89
94George Fulton36.83
95Marco Jansen36.8
96Eric Kamminga36.75
97Bryan Morrison36.58
98Derryn Arthur36.56
99Lars Nilsson36.3
100Peter Vernet36.12
101Eric Wind36
102Mikhail Pozhidaev35.97
103Johan Vente35.71
104Florian Madec35.49
105Kirsten Baas35.45
106Martin Svej35.42
107Regis Lesieur35.37
108Brecht Lampaert35.35
109Andy Hart35.03
110Pernille Sanderhoff34.94
111Kristel Kaubi34.81
112Jan Heynen34.76
113Karen Robertson34.57
114Daniel Johnston34.48
115Andrea Vanhoorne34.46
116Ralf Pasewald34.46
117Daniel Tobiasson34.16
118Guillaume Demartres34.1
119Marc van Beckhoven33.93
120Laura van Beckhoven33.91
121John John Vanderick33.69
122Bernd Stutzke33.68
123Michel Gutbier33.59
124Maksymilian Czaplewski33.57
125Kipps Zygarewicz33.44
126Karl Gunér33.4
127Julian Koldeweid33.36
128Tom Venema33.31
129Jesper Skytte33.29
130Sarah Jackson33.27
131André Oost33.04
132Mandy van de Hoef32.9
133Brendan van Diepen32.8
134Sipke Bijlsma32.74
135Martin Lamhauge Anker32.2
136Frank Hochbohm32.17
137Jacco Wijnands 32.14
138Edwin Buruma31.75
139Nick Teo31.56
140Maron Rietveld31.48
141Björn Johansson31.42
142Spiros Chouliaras31.13
143Lukas Ruefenacht30.99
144David Florit Alemany30.61
145Jérôme Sicard30.42
146Ashley Veenstra30.42
147Mark van der Veeken30.36
148Paul Travis30.31
149Jan Joustra30.24
150Harald Claessen30.21
151Mike Henschel30.15
152Tom Kootstra29.89
153Boris Winterhoff29.74
154Elias Walldén Jespersen29.7
155Thorsten Ruth29.69
156Aaron Teo29.42
157Ancor Yeray Jiménez29.13
158Valentino Pasquale29.01
159Felix Praschak28.83
160Oliwier Oczki28.06
161Romy-Anne Reenders28.06
162Moens Eric27.29
163Lea Sophie Hagedorn27.22
164Magne Sejer26.91
165Riccardo Degan26.1
166Marja van de Hoef24.37
167Theo Theinert24.32
168Christina Larsen22.37
169Christian Puth21.9
170Chui Wing Chun 21.71
171Glenn Beichel21.62
172Alexandru Iriciuc17.29
173Dunkerbeck Windsurf Center Gran Canaria17.29
174Romain Jourdan16.79
175Julius Piwowar16.5