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Event name2020 British Foil Speed Championship
Start DateSunday, September 1, 2019
End DateThursday, October 1, 2020
Event contactinfoJim Crossley
CountryUnited Kingdom

Event description and NOR

The 2020 British Foil Speed Championship will finish on the 31st Sept 2020

Foil only speed ranking!  Results are based on your fastest 250m run during the year and only on sessions from UK waters. If you are a member of the UKWA your results will be entered into the UKWA GPS British Speed Championship where a trophy' will be awarded to the sailor with the fastest 250m run.   Anybody can enter sessions for the foil BSC for fun rankings, upload you session to see how you did against the rest of the UK but you must be a member to be included in the UKWA results. When checking rankings don't forget to change the filter to 250m.

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