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Event nameKA Sail North American Amateur GPS Speed Challenge
Start DateSunday, January 1, 2012
End DateMonday, July 1, 2013
Event contactinfoEd Sinofsky
Event moderatorOnno Pierik
Event sponsorKA Sail

Event description and NOR

Notice of Race
KAsail is pleased to sponsor the Third annual North American Amateur GPS speed surfing Challenge.

Duration of Kontest
Eligible tracks for the contest will be made between May 1 2008 and December 1, 2008.Tracks must be posted on WITHIN ONE MONTH OF THE RUN to be eligible. Last tracks for the contest must be provided to the timekeeper by December 31, 2008.

Eligible locations include the US, Canada, Hawaii and the Caribbean as far south and including Aruba.

Any non PWA sailor that can carry a GPS during a windsurfing session, download the data from the GPS memory into a computer and uploaded onto the GPS speedsurfing site. Citizens other than those in North America may enter tracks made in the eligible contest area in North America.

  • Open class
  • Junior Class under 18
  • Womens Class
  • Distance Class
    (Note) A class needs 3 participants to have a prize awarded.

  • 1st Place overall 2009 Koncept in size of winner's choice
  • 2nd Place overall $250 towards a New or Used KA Sail or mast
  • 3rd Place overall $150 towards a New or Used KA Sail or mast
  • 1st Under age 18- PhotoGlow “Fast Kid” backlit frame with background image of their choice, KA Hat
  • 1st Woman PhotoGlow backlit picture frame with image of their choice, KA Hat
  • Longest daily distance Photoglow backlit frame with image of their choice, KA Hat
  • Most sessions in the contest. KA hat and T- Shirt

    Random drawings will be made for other KA hats and T-shirts.

    Rules are based on the standard rules administered by the GPS speedsurfing site. Average of 5 10 second runs is the speed used for the ratings. The top 5 fastest tracks will be required to be sent to the timekeepers at the end of the contest. SAVE YOUR TRACKS!

    Procedure to enter
  • Enter at the website. Go to the contests page. Fill in the required information and agree to the safety waiver.
  • Make sure you are a registered user at
  • Register for the event at GPS Speedsurfing.
  • When posting an track choose our contest from the dropdown field.
  • If you forget to choose the event when you post, you may repost again with the contest chosen.

    Entry Fee
    There is no specific entry fee for this contest. We encourage all participants to donate a little money to GPSspeedsurfing to offset their costs of running the contest. It is good Karma, too!

    Collaborating Kontests
    This year’s contest is in collaboration with the Midwest speed challenge, run by the North American Timekeeper Craig Bergh. Craig has kindly agreed to enter all of the participants in the Midwest Speed Challenge, and also post the same track in the KA Kontest for the participant.

    We kindly thank the GPSspeedsurfing guys for administering the kontest, and documenting the results. Martin, Roger, Dylan, and Onno have done wonders in inventing, supporting, and growing the sport we enjoy.

    Big thanks also to our sponsors for supplying the prizes while keeping the event free. Jeurg Schnorf, the NA importer for KAsail has been supporting the event for three years, Andrew McDougall of KAsail has also supported the event for 3 years along with the help of Nick Bez. Other cool prizes are donated by Ed Sinofsky of PhotoGlow.

    Thanks also to Craig Bergh, our NA timekeeper for helping grow the sport over here in Noth America.

    Any questions can be attempted to be answered by emailing ed at photoglow dot com.

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