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Event nameMidwest Speed Quest 2008
Start DateSunday, January 1, 2012
End DateMonday, July 1, 2013
Event contactinfoCraig Bergh
Event moderatorOnno Pierik

Event description and NOR

This site is all about GPS Speed Sailing, the newest form of Windsurfing Competition. You are invited to enter the 2008 Midwest Speed Quest on located Lake Okabena Worthington Minnesota.

The Event opens on April 15 and closes on October 15th.

This event is free! There are no fees or charges and you may race as often as you like. We will provide the GPS unit, or you may bring your own*(See Rules and Equipment). The GPS unit will be connected to a computer for verification of top speed. We will then upload your data file to the premier international speed sailing site (gps-speedsurfing.com). Your speeds will recorded along side the fastest sailors in the world!

We have lots of great demo gear available. This is some of the finest speed sailing equipment in the world!

This is a friendly competition. The event is designed for the beginner to the most experienced sailor! We welcome racers from 1 day to 20+ years of sailing experience. This is a great opportunity for newer sailors to learn from the Pros.

In this event, YOU decide when you want to race. Click on the Weather Forecast button. Pick a windy day that fits your schedule. Let us know when you are coming, and we will meet you on the beach with a GPS unit ready to go.

We will also have a number of scheduled Race Days during the season. On these days we will have a free Hot Lunch and Cold Refreshments served on the Beach! This is a great chance to meet fellow windsurfers.

Speed Sailing is exciting for Spectators too. We always invite Spectators to come on down and mingle with the Windsurfers! This is your chance to find out more about the Sport of Windsurfing. Bring your camera and binoculars too.

We are pleased to announce we will award at least $1000 CASH to the fastest windsurfer on Lake Okabena in 2008! Second Prize will be $500, $250 for Third, $125 for Fourth, and $75 for Fifth. Top 5 racers will receive a handsome trophy.

All racers will receive a handsome participation award. We will also recognize the following categories if there is sufficient interest (at least 3 applications per category).

  • Youth Category
  • Women's Category
  • Formula Category (95+ cm wide)
  • Long Board Category (over 360 cm in length)
  • Hybrid/RSX/Prodigy Category (under 360 cm in length, with a dagger board)

    New for 2008, we will recognize Sailboats as a Speed Sailing Category. We guarantee a minimum $250 CASH for First Place. We are willing to create Single Hull and Multi Hull Divisions if there is at least 3 applications per Category. We are excited to promote and support these new groups of Speed Sailors.

    It is the Sponsors that make this Event possible. Please visit the Sponsors Page. Buy your gear from these Sponsors, and let the them know you appreciate their support of this Event.

    Please contact Craig Bergh for reservations or if there are questions.

    Email: cbergh@iw.net
    Cell: 1-507-360-4801
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