Results of the day
1Ian Richards44.21
2Antony Todd43.88
3Shaun Cook41.86
4Simon chippington 34.74
5Shemi Adams31.35
6Martin Byford24.38
7Daniel Johnston21.46

Really struggled today for some reason ! Mega windy, for me any way. 

Second run of the day massive wipeout and bent my spredder bar on my harness in half. Game over 


Back to the Ray again to sail in storm georgina ! a bit choppy before tide turned , had a little help on stance from Ian and Ant .

used the new 20 and killed it !

getting closer to my aim with another pb.

Wind strength was perfect for some pbs but alas the angle was  quite square and the water state really choppy for some reason..for Southend anyway.
Still a good workout with the Southend need for speed team.
Here's to the next one.

Good to see all the guys out today at Southend. Close battle with Ian as always. But i only do 500m runs :)

To winy to chopy very difficult condition couldn't dialled in but good practice 

A great day today, got better as the day went on, super windy, great to see all the guys blasting, and some more PB's.