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   WGPSSRC Official Record Holder: 10 sec run
NameCraig Spottiswood
WGPSSRC record titleNational Record
Sponsor(s)Ka Sails, RPS, Flying Objects
Record Speed47.59 knots
Record DateSunday, July 10, 2011
Record SpotSandy Point, Victoria, AustraliaVirtual Earth
Record Board-
Record SailKA Sails Koncept 5.0
Record FinKA-Fin Lockwood<>McDougall Assy 21
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1Peter Stroi29.46
2Jean Rathle28.70
3Olivier Corvez31.01
4Dan Eustaquio30.49
5Arthur Hendrikse26.13
6Kees Duijn24.33
7Sarina Wagner18.37
8Mattias Rahm20.11
9Jes Gram-Hansen19.84
10Klabbe Nylof20.04
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