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Last year has been a interessting again. A lot of new members joined our community, motivating us to develop more and more features on our platform. For next year we are working on a big project to upgrade the website to a new platform. This will give us more performance, stability and the possibilties to enhance the visuals of the site. At the same time our technology group is working on new GPS devices, we expect to make some good progress in January. So a lot is going on at, we keep you posted in the next months, meantime enjoy your speedsessions as much as you can !  

   WGPSSRC Official Record Holder: 10 sec run
NamePiotr Dudek
WGPSSRC record titleNational
Record Speed41.95 knots
Record DateSunday, March 16, 2014
Record SpotLa Franqui, FranceVirtual Earth
Record Board-
Record Sail-
Record Fin-
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1Sam Hunt30.34
2Peter Schmid27.23
3Ian Richards45.47
4Oisin van Gelderen44.97
5Rob Buis38.63
6John Morrogh26.44
7Jurgen Heikamp27.45
8Søren Kjær30.77
9Dan Meehan35.37
10Hallvar Frey24.67
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