• Max. 2 sec.
  • 27.39knots
Average speed
25.91  ( 26.98 26.85 25.51 25.14 25.08 )
  • 100 m run
  • 26.99knots
  • 250 m run
  • 26.51knots
  • 500 m run
  • 25.99knots
  • Nautical mile
  • 21.73knots
  • 1 hour avg speed
  • 10.94knots
  • Alpha racing
  • 19.3knots
  • Distance
  • 24km
  • Duration
  • 00:44:00
  • Windspeed
  • 0 - 0knots
  • Wind direction
  • SW ( 270)

Wind forecast straight down the Strait but started off and went increasingly South so gusty. Suprised to see I walked 450m to start 1.5 hours after a low Low; didnt feel that far but maybe angle of wind helps lift geat and always found it much harder walking back at low. Flat water just where I started but along Cob where wind was it was choppier. Wore GPS and saw in flat bit maxed at 27.4 knots without trying, which felt much slower than the 23-24 I was maxing in chop - just goes to show the massive difference sea state makes to speed. I prefer challenge of sailing chop unless too bad, though fun getting gybes right in flat water is good with alpha of 19.3nots even where it wasn't particulary flat, so pleased with that. Best alpha had entry and exit averages of maybe 21.5knots so investigated whyy higher straight line speeds did not beart that alpha, but they conincided with hitting a lull exiting, or I stopped to adjust downhaul, tie a loose rope, hit bottom etc.
Small lull followed by wind being more lie 4.7m, way overpowered so paced up after an hour and might try Rhosneigr later

Best 500m