Two important new features :

1- MouseWheel use for enhanced ergonomy (note : for MacBook users, two fingers on the touchpad will emulate the mousewheel)
In this new version, the mousewheel is active in most of the parts of the interface, to get  accurate and fast control. You just have to put the mouse other the window or tool you want to control, and action the mousewheel. This includes :
- main view 2D : zoom-in, zoom-out
- speedgraph, dopplerspeedgraph, altigraph and all others linear graphs : the wheel action behaves as zoom-in zoom-out when in focused mode. Moreover, when you're not in focused mode, zooming-in with the wheel will automatically force to focused mode. And when you're in focused mode, zooming-out to the maximum with the wheel will automatically force to non-focused mode.
- Weathervane : move easily degree after degree to the value you want (clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on the wheel actionned up or down)
- Time slider : forward or backward, min step is one second, but with a fast movement of the wheel you'll get about one minute at a time
- Acceleration slider : + or -
- Windows settings : you can change the mode quite fast with the wheel (put the mouse pointer on this controller)

2- Relative frequency of speeds :

At the bottom of the speed results window, a new graph shows how much time is spent relatively to the whole time. Below, you can see an example (formula windsurfing) where the 14-15 knots range is the more frequent (upwind) :