Results of the day
1Manfred Merle44.83
2Christian Bornemann44.13
3Remo Diethelm43.63
4Alain De Gendt42.52
5Christian Benzing42.32
6Heidi Ulrich38.02

another best personal. was very very choppy but again a very great experience. 

Started with 3 runs at approx. 15h30 when it was still very windy, but choppy as well.  Then waited an hour untill the wind became more irregular and the lulls longer, so that nasty chop calmed a bit down, used a maximum of 7 kilo lead. We sailed untill sunset. 

Not really a fast day. The wind was not that bad, but again with wholes like a famous swiss cheese! ...and the worst: the water was way too choppy for fast speeds!

Lest's hope for sunday!


choppy and gusty wind, not enough water in the channel and still sandwalls upwind and downwind

did only 8 runs...