Results of the day
1Markus Emanuelsson47.46
2Marcus Richardson45.49
3Tony Wynhoven45.27
4Will Trossell45.23
5Alain De Gendt44.67
6Alain De Gendt44.59
7Minos Efstathiadis44.4
8Montauzou Alain44.23
9Ben Vanderick42
10Denis Vladimirov41.62
11Boris Vujasinovic37.79
12Henrick Schill21.57

Only 2 runs today before I started to struggle with starting. Crashed 2 time when starting and got some bruses and pain. Se if we can heal until tomorrow?


Hard place to get going.

Other swedes did great today!!!!

Wow, the first time with this new sail on the canal in real wind, I was asked by John Skye, the RRD saildesigner to push this 3 cam sail as hard as I could. He has one in Arinaga and I have one here, there are only made 2 so far, so all input is welcome.

On my first run I used my lightwind speed board(43cm) because I know this board for 7 years now and I took a symmetrical 20,5 Ultra Caspar that Casper "Alainized" for me a few years ago. I did a run with settings just put on gut feeling and pieked on the dispay a 46,07kts+

Damn, that must have been a fraction under my record from last sunday. Image If I had used my smaller one and the Asy fin, then I would have set a new Belgian record just on testing a sail.

I was on fire! but to bad this session was one to be in pretty gusty conditions, I went for the smaller board 2 runs later, but it was a lottery and because everybody was eager to do runs to be tuned up for tomorrow, we had a bit of a trafic jam at the start.


After 7-8 runs I called it a day(My GPS must have missed out on 2-3 run I believe, but I can check this tonight with the run details from the videotiming)


anyway I'm ready for tomorrow. 

Good day on the canal! My official 500m speed was 45.53 so a 1 knot improvment and was around 3rd/4th fastest for the day. Really pleased to get a 45 average as well and a PB on 10 sec. Today felt totally different to the previous 2. I think my mind has now adjusted to the canal and feeling really comfortable - its not an easy stage to get to! You start to not notice the narrowness and just push harder. Great day! Tomorrow looks like its nuking so thats going to be the big test...hopefully more PBs to come.

Yessssss ... Soooo Haaaapyyyy ....

This is the file from my other device, he's always a bit faster. 

Le vent est tombé....mais c'est mon nouveau record !!       Good day

Another fun day at the speed canal. The wind was lighter and gusty. It was also swinging slightly making it quite hard to steer in the canal. Found myself VERY close to he downwind bank. Even the GPS tracks show that I was.. It proved that you have to be absolutely on the ball at speed here. There are a few extra new people here so the line at the start is quite frustrating, most of the time waitng 45 mins for a run then having a lull when its your turn. If that happens and you cant go then it's back to the end of the que.. Annoying when the next person gets a gust...At one point today I didnt get a run for 2 1/2 hrs. So its becoming the luck of the gust. Tomorrow it might be better if the wind is a bit better, say 35-45.. lets hope. Jacques ripped in the lighter conditions and even found the wall once.. I still came 2 nd today on official 500 m speeds and still coming 2nd in the event even though today was a bit slower... KA 2014 5.8 Koncept, Mistral 41 speed, Lockwood KA 20 cm Assy


Nice first day in the channel,     PB on nearly everything The new Simmer SCR 2014  are FANTASTIC

First day in the Luderitz channel. Felt great ! First time on the Simmer 2014, so easy to handlle and so fast ! The forecast is more wind tomorrow :-)

Good day for the speedsurfing beginning. 

Wind was gusty and not so strong. Tried few things...