Results of the day
1Jeroen Steenaard28.59
2Robin Blondeel28.21
3Pieter Stigter26.84
4Cyril Evrard26.28
5Pepijn Den Boer25.93
6Willem van Klink25.85
7Dennis De Pauw22.56
8Robin Blondeel22.31

Rigged 8.6 awaiting thermal winds to kick-in. Unfortunately this did not happen. Overall nice session with lot's of sunshine.

Started around noon when there was still some wind to go with the big stuff, realy choppy with this direction. Later on the wind was lighter and foiled a bit.

I love the feeling of flying over the wather! It's a great addition to windsurfing. 





Quick evening foil session after Ellen her session @ Ouddorp.