Results of the day
1Joris Douma36.46
2Wessel Douma36.24
3Albert Ruitenberg35.11
4Frank Buikstra33.48
5Jan Hendrik de Bruin33.22
6Jan Hendrik de Bruin32.67
7Fleur Visser23.02

Finally a good powered session again, started with 7.0 and in first part it was hardly enough to get going, so made some long runs toward kornwerderzand. After that the wind shifted and kicked in, almost to much :) Decided to quit early, big party in my home town :) 

Test posting with Garmin Fenix

Nice speeds with 7.0, really happy with the new mach 2! 

Voor het eerst sinds lange tijd weer een serieus lekker windje!

Great day! nice session with Wessel, Frank en Joris