Results of the day
1Ian Richards42.88
2Shaun Cook40.21
3Simon Chippington 36.06
4Simon Chippington 36.01
5Maciej Bukolt26.65
6Martin Byford19.77

Still feeling the effects of my cold, but powered through and picked up a pb on the new X-Wing sails , water state was perfect for around half a hour today ! then it became to lumpy to turn broard down ( death chop)

Wind WSW

sailed south course

lots out today , full sun but a cold day.


new sails feel super stable and pull very very well, looking fwd to next time.

Better day today, got better as the day went on but the tide was coming in fast and was getting choppier. 

Brand new cross batten snapped just behind the cam as soon as I hit the water, sail looked like an old bed sheet the whole session.Other than that it was a good but short session with the F hot team. Totally forgotten how to post this stuff.