Results of the day
1Mark Newman35.89
2Michael George35.39
3Scotty Stallman33.72
4Robin Russell33.33
5Lee Spencer31.71
6Norman Petty29.78
7Paul Arnold28.8

Fun day... Sun, wind and some harbour PBs.

Peak speed was 38.07 knots and my first harbour average over 35 knots.

Today was also the first proper outing for the JP Speed 50 which felt great over chop. :)

First day out on the speed kit for a while. Great weather. Could have tried the 5.8m? Happy with new peak speed.

Wind dropped,.underpowered on the 6.3 but was okay with a bigger board

So close to a 36 average!

Kept tryimg but got slower!

not as good as i hoped , wind dropped had to go in the rough stuff to get some speed not good

Hard work...