Results of the day
1Ian Richards34.05
2Simon Pettifer32.86
3Simon Pettifer32.86
4Scotty Stallman32.85
5Pete Young32.35
6Kacper Wozniak32.24
7Mark Newman30.97
8Lee Spencer29.76
9Paul Arnold28.6
10Tyler Baker27.64
11Mike Barnett24.52

Tried for a 23knot gybe 5 mins before the end :(

an hour with lea a couple of mile attempts, then a blast in the middle with si and scotty who were flying!

Had a 24 knot hour with 10 mins to go then it went tits up.

What a bunch of early birds , nice sail today with my new helmet

anyone know why i dont have an hour or an alpha ??? gutted .


thanks Pete, you were bang on.