Results of the day
1Ralf Ewers34.68
2Nils Bach33.9
3Mozart Müller33.4
4Mozart Müller33.4
5Klaus Lepies30.98
6Bernd Stutzke28.35
7Frank Hochbohm27.92
8Harry Hemminger27.34
9Matthias Woelk25.33
10Henrik Ewers 23.5
11Thomas Jäckel23.31
12Thomas Jäckel23.31

Super relaxed.

fastest run with isonic 87, 2nd and 3rd run with JP 108l; switched to that when the wind went down but should have stayed on the isonic as the wind was cranking for about 10min :D nice day with the locals!

I pushed all my PR's today. I used FeineFinnen Bastard 38

Thanks Henrik for supporting

Congratulations Henrik!!!

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