Results of the day
1Twan Verseput 35.57
2Fabian Blanke35.27
3christophe peyrouse35
4Patrick Depoorter32.3
5Beuselinck Sam31.72
6Marie-Paule Geldhof29.71
7Matthias Chemnitz22.22

Beautifull day @The Pump, think at least 50 people on the water, and there was also a slalom championship in La Franqui, I saw maybe 100 surfers over there.

I was going up and down all the time with slalomboard, waiting for the real wind that never arrived...speedboard ready all the time...Was a fun day with Koen; MP-ke, Fabian, Sam and many others...

Stupid wind...!!

vlagerig maar toch gevaren 

repost for gps teamchallenge

Session #1 La Franqui, Gusty and not really much but fun to ben on the water in decent temperaturs