Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout46.43
2Dave White46.3
3Ian Richards44.29
4Antony Todd44.06
5Will Trossell42.4
6Shaun Cook39.53
7Jason Grafton37.28

Wasn't sure if the wind would pull in today, was so light at home I nealy canned the trip. Truned out to be a good session though the wind had masive holes in. Would be great to get more angle as I could sails back up the course next ro the beach. 

So long as I learn something every time, it has to count as a good day.

First time Southend on Sea. Average calculated from 5 best runs from my gps screen is 87,6. Missing some runs in the software, if i switch the "on" to "off" in gps results i get those 5 runs.. Maybe Dylan can check this for me and explain. 

But it doesn't matter, stil a nice session with topspeed over 50 knots, spot record and a decent Nautical Mile and @500. Tomorrow looks better but i'm now already out of energy, you can sail here for hours.

Was windier and faster than last session here so bit dissappointed with my average but pb NM and spot pb 500 so pleased with that. 
need to try something different tommorrow as it looks like im a few knots off the pace. Well done to everyone on there superb numbers.

Was a great afternoon, 4th time on a speed board and my goal has been achieved to hit 40 knots, super happy to hit the 40 knots but now i want to go faster, alot of PB's today by alot of the guys, well done everyone. 

Nice day at Southend with spot PB Average and 500m. I felt like i should have gone quicker at times maybe time to get back on the 5.0's tommorow   


A good day at the Ray, Spot PB's for me today although I was hoping to hit 40. 

Hopefully I shall get it on the next session.

Southend on fire today - I think its the flatest Ive seen it and a perfect wind direction. The best day sailing for me this year for sure. Bit disappointed with my speeds though, especially the nautical mile which I had 2 attempts at....not quite sure why its so low...maybe i didnt run far enough. Top day though and amazing speeds from JVH and Dave.

Re post with 2nd gps unit with .02kn faster NM :-)