World Record 2009/10/3-4 Westerhever/St.Peter-Ording
No witness but helmcam filming GPS


Above files of both GT31.

Was too excited and forgot to switch on the pocket lamp which enlightens the display.

Realized it ca. 2 minutes after the run. So the proof video lasts a little bit longer.

You can read the small digits better than the big ones (still work to do).

In the end my kite explodes. So I missed the following big gusts and reached only a 10 sec of 96.3 km/h.



more details about the proof video:
the display shows 96.22 km/h instead of 96.3...
After the run it lasted more than 3 (!) minutes until the sun came out
and I realized that I had forgotten to switch on the pocket lamp.
( I made no cuts, because its a proof video) At 4:15 I finally switched on the
pocket lamp. The big digits are impossoble to see, only a black spot
(I should have switched on the brighter light). The small numbers are
better: After the big numbers have disappeared from the display, first
comes the new record (96) and after that my old historical record from
04.09.09 (90) Its ca. at 4:39.
Then I made a cut in order to show how my kite exploded (end of
session) In between I had made two other runs. Fortunately in the end
(when I showed the damage) the sun came out and enlighted the display
perfectly: It shows 88 for the latest run and 96,22 for the new
historical best.
Perhaps Tom Chalko can fix the problem with the big numbers in his next update.
The big numbers must be exactly the same as the small ones, just
bigger: Thin, straight lines and NOT this superfluous upward line in the front part of
the 9 which makes it look like an 8.