Allready some months ago I send an email to the GPS team for adding a new finbrand, but still not listed.

If you find the time could you please add the following brand :

King Fins

Het begint nu een beetje vervelend te worden. King Fins toevoegen AUB. Voor een betalende website duurt het soms echt te lang. Vrijwillirgers werk of niet. Betalen schept een verwachting!

Adding a fin brand is a free service for every member, so not related to any premium membership feature at all....we receive service and support requests every day and requests related to faults, improvements or larger groups of members get a higher priority. Maybe we have to rethink about this free service adding fin-brands, we see more and more small brands appearing, sometimes used by only a limited number of members. In this case just selecting just the category "Custom" would be fine in our opinion.

Thanks for the feedback this time. How can I add a fin brand? I can only pick one out of the list, and it is not on that list. If I know how to do it, I do not have to bother you with it so you can put your time in the more important things like you mention.

Go to Dashboard --> My Items --> My Fins

Select Custom in the pulldown menu and klick on the 'Add new fin' button.