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Event nameAHD GPS Speed Challenge - The Heineken Trophy!
Start DateSunday, January 1, 2012
End DateMonday, July 1, 2013
Event contactinfoMattias Jildestad
Event moderatorMattias Jildestad
Event sponsorAHD/Surfspot, Wasa Kredit AB, Petrolserv, Skidsport, Surfbutiken, Kona Nordic, Gainomax, TV4, Heineken

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Notice of Race

AHD GPS Speed Challenge with “The Heineken Trophy” and ISWC speed cup.


Where:          North Oeland, base and residence at Boda Sands campsite. Sailing, where the wind is blowing for the day. Check GPS for skippersmeeting on day one. At least two days before the competition the venue will be descided.                                           

When:            30 april – 3 may 2009. First start 12.00 30 april and no racing after 14.00 sunday.


How:             AHD GPS speedchallenge will be descided with 5*10 sec multiplied and divided with the total number of races. Example: Fastest 5*10 x 3/3= total average. This to keep the competition alive for the weekend.


”The Heineken Trophy” Swe vs Ned will be descided on the same way. The 10 fastest 5*10 sec from each country, then divided by 10 to get average for the team. The total number of races will then be multiplied and divided for a total team average for the weekend.


ISWC speed cup will be descided by the 2 best 10 sec/ race. Results will then be calculated in the sailwave software. One race can be sailing for 2-3 hours during a.m, and then the same for the p.m. This can give a total of 4 races for the

ISWC/day. Amateurclass, look under GPS.

Wallén Sport Speed Cup(Swedish Speed Cup) will be descided in the same way as ISWC.

Instructions:  Sailing instructions will be available at registration office at time of registration.


Prizes:           1:st prize is an AHD SL1 68 worth 15 695 SEK, total value of prices about 50-60 000 SEK. “The Heineken Trophy” is the most prestigeus sailingcontest between gentlemens. Here the honour is good enough! The trophy will stay in the country that wins. But can be won right back next year….


Speedlimits:  For a race to count at least 5 sailors should reach 27 knots avg 5*10 sec if sailing “open ocean”. Sailing on smoother water 5 sailors should reach at least 32 knots 5*10 sec.


Start fee:       200 SEK amateur and 500 SEK Pro. The starting fee in the Pro division will contain 1 backback(perfect for fins and drinks), 4 Gainomax recoverydrink, 4 Energy drinks and of course at least 4 beers to each sailor from Heineken, for the Saturday evening.



GPS:             One Amaryllo/GT-11/31 measured in doppler for every part of the event. Any GPS in the amateur class. We have a couple of GPS´s to borrow for the amateurs, who will have only one price. Deduction for non Doppler will show at the starting area on racing day. You need to be a member of the GPS Speedsurfing site to participate in this event!


Other:            If there is some day with to little wind for speeding, the Kona guys will have 6-8 Kona´s for racing big board style! Jesper(RTK Sweden) told us he will try to sink RvT J. Board clinic with Anders Bringdal! Films and more….


Food:            Lunch will be served at Boda Sand, and will also be delivered to each site outside Boda that we sail. Cost 50-70 kr = nothing for you euro guys!. The Boda Restaurant will serve different types of bufe`s, to a good price. Breakfast, and other food can be bought in Byxelkrok (8km) or in any store on the way up.                      


Accom:           House or camper at Boda Sand campsite. Say that you will race in windsurfing, then you should get a discount.  +46 485 222 00              .


Party:            Every night different activities. At least one Guitar Hero contest, on bigscreen. We also have one sailor from Sweden that works as a troubadour! He will of course play at least one evening.


SSRS:           Is a Swedish volunteer sea rescue. They will be there for our safety. Two guys and one boat will check us during racing all weekend. We will pay them gas and give them food. Included in the start fee!


Ryds:             Europes largest smallboat builder, will lend us a boat for laying out bouys.


TV:                TV4 Sweden´s largest commercial channel will follow us through all weekend. This will be broadcasted in their own sportschannel!


Sponsors:      AHD/Surfspot, Wasa Kredit AB, Petrolserv, Skidsport, Surfbutiken, Kona Nordic, Gainomax, TV4, Heineken, the list can be longer…


Inscription: , or through GPS Start fee for you guys, to be paid at Boda. This is the easiest way.


Registration: To be done on site between 09.00 – 11.00, 30 th april.


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