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Event name2012 Hellenic Speed Meetings
Start DateSunday, January 1, 2012
End DateMonday, July 1, 2013
Event contactinfoNikos Vardalachos
Event moderatorNikos Vardalachos

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011/12 Hellenic Speed Meetings,
Nov'11 - Feb'12
In preparation for the national championships of the year 2012 (classes proposed are GPS Speed and Speed/Slalom Overall), we invite you to our "warm up / trimming” meetings, which will be organized during the period November 2011 - February 2012.
The purpose of the meetings will be through friendly competition to transfer the minimum knowledge/techniques that are essential to anyone who would be interested in participating in a gps speed event or just to learn the secrets of GPS Speedsurfing.

Contact persons:
Nikos Vardalachos (
Minos Efstathiadis (
Alexander Doukas (, Greek gp3s timekeeper

The meeting will take place according to the wind forecast, at one of the following spots of Greece: Anavissos, Artemis (Loutsa), Drepano, Tsimari. In case of selection of one another spot, there will be an update.

Meeting Date
Initial information will be 3-4 days before the meeting.  Final invitation will be given no later than 24 hours before the official launch. In case of cancellation, you may receive a notice up to 12 hours before the event.

The invitation for the event will be given via e-mail and Web pages:, www.windsurfing.grand

To receive the mail of the call, send a simple message with your contact details to

The race will happen with gps measurement and participants should bring their own gps devices. The classification shall be based on the rules of GP3S (Basic, Version 8.0- 01-01-2009) The classification of each race will be calculated on the basis of:
• Better average speeds of 5 fastest runs duration of 10 seconds (ave5x10), and in the event of a tie
• Better 10 seconds run until the 5th run, and then
• Best time of 2 seconds.

Minimum Speed
Race will be recorded as valid, automatically when the five fastest athletes reach an average speed of at least 30 knots, measured over ave5x10, there will be no minimum wind speed limit. Each heat will be conducted with duration of at least 1,5 hour.

• After the end of the race GPS devices will be inspected visually to produce a "provisional ranking". Results of each meeting will be advertised in “Ranking of the Day” in, (session upload to the site required).
• Participants who are not familiar with this process (session uploading), can register at the start of the meeting to receive assistance.
• The timekeeper can ask your results (session file) to verify the final results.
• Technical information/assistance regarding the operation of GPS devices is available at, or by email to the contact persons, and of course at the beach during each meeting.

Participants will take part in the meeting with their own responsibility. All safety rules for marine sports to be kept and participants are required to wear life jackets (life vests) under their own responsibility.


On behalf of the
Hellenic Speed Slalom Windsurfing Association

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