Results of the day
1Markus Emanuelsson37.38
2Polyvanov Oleksandr37.21
3Polyvanov Oleksandr37.21
4Daniel Borgelind36.81
5Anders Bjorkqvist36.53
6Henrick Schill35.68
7Armin Hoefer34.72
8Ove Jansson34.04
9Fredrik Ygge33.67
10Alexander Goncharov33.54
11Oane Kingma33.36
12Eric Groot-van Ederen33.13
13John Fjellstrom32.57
14Polyvanov Oleksandr32.32
15Peter Hagstrom31.78
16Birgit Hoefer31.62


seglade på förmidagen sedan var det dax att vara surf tränare för evelina på efter midagen

hon lärde sig att segla åt borda hållen !! grymt bra :)

Idag gick det bättre och jag vågade mer....

Another normal day in the bay. The wind really did not come in on the strip today, but we had a nice time and many guys over 33 knots on 250 m.

Nice day in Karpathos. Felt better today after resting yesterday afternoon.

I went for my PD 53 Speedboard today as it is super easy to sail. 

Also tried an nice fin for first time.

Did also some runs with Asy HA 26 and it feels fast but little hard to sail upwind.

Hope for same or more wind tomorrow so I can sail on my 49;-)


Markus did try it today I liked it.

Första dagen med 6,3.....kändes gött att segla igenom banan några gånger :)

Well I tried hard, but speeds just weren't what I would expect them to be. It almost felt like I was dragging an anchor across the bottom. 

Pretty tired right now, might take the day off tomorrow, unless it looks really good...

Ännu en dag på Karpathos!cool

First time on the Falcon 89 : Just Friends...:-)

Another lightwind session. Tried my 'new' Northshore fin. Chrashed spinning out and landed with my nose on the boom.