Results of the day
1Thomas Doeblin44.57
2Alexander Lehmann44.54
3Manfred Fuchs43.52
4Dieter Gerichhausen42.65
5Thomas Doeblin26.63
Three days of wind and speed in the Wadden Sea and on the second day we thought it would be on the third day to give too much water! But the morning at 7, it gave the green light for a perfect wind direction and water levels are not too high! By 7 clock I called Alex that he should be on your way, and by 9 to 10:30 clock we were on the water!
The third day was not easy ... had to cross much until just before closing and could still drive a fifth run, and then my power was at the end! Hats off to Alexander ... a few weeks ago because of the intervertebral disc in the hospital and an incredible 11 runs personal best time. Even Manfred and Dieter showed incredible performance ... Congratulations!
I look forward to the day on more of the same wind direction, because then we can be more! ;-)

good winddirection and strength, however, one really had to hurry to get more than 5 runs in due to the small time-window / high water level - very exhausting and not much time for optimizing the equipment...

Super good guys!!!!!!!!

Dieter...........YOU ARE MY HERO BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the best!!!

Dieter, did you do 46,71 knots with one foot out of the strap????



Hi Philip        What do you mean. Straps are very komfortable  to carry the boards  cool

Record session posted by Timekeeper

nice session with some friends manfred f., thomas d. and alexander l.