Results of the day
1Rudie van der Weij23.71
2Rudie van der Weij23.71
3Rudie van der Weij19.87
4Rudie van der Weij19.87

Superfoil session! Because the AFS Windfoil 85 is so easy to go fast, you  are in a comfortable stance in no time. Especially with the wind going up and down, with this size, you can absorb all the gusts and keep the board where you want it: the right height and just go faster. This time on the GPS I was a bit faster again than the previous session. Gybing is getting better and better. Already a Alpha of almost 30 km/h. I am one happy AFS Windfoils user!! 

After the foil session I tried some slalom on 8.6 but the wind died pretty soon.