Results of the day
1Vincent Valkenaers45.88
2Hans Kreisel45.43
3Jacques van der Hout43.44
4Patrick Oberlender42.59
5Ralf Ewers41.57
6Leon Dirks41.01
7Gerwin Slingerland40.07
8Jeroen Jacobs38.17

Laatse half uurtje voordat ik weg moest ineens dikke wind. Had toen beter op de missile kunnen staan maar het beste was er ook al van af na 40 kilometer...

Wel weer prima vermaakt zo voor de middagdienst.

Finally some proper wind and nice speeds! This was a long time ago. I'm happy with the results.

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a good session in Feb is always nice and not to cold either. Had a bit start a problems maybe because i tuned to much to the light and square wind. ( NEVER DO THAT!!!! Always go for the best trim on the small gear you never now what you can get. Big congratz to Vinnie on his 88run  nice one dude. Was good to do 50km's on a speedboard in the little pool made 20 runs over 80

A short but nice and sunny morning session, in the beginning not so windy but it slowly increased, probably left a bit to early. I sold my 2018 gear already so for the first time in 9 years i was not able to use my favorite JP Speed 45 in these conditions. A 40 cm board was definetly not the right choice. Hope i survive the next 4 weeks without my favo speed board. Hans and Vincent where fast as always. 

First really speed session since ...... I need to much time to get used to the conditions.

For a long time finally had a real speed day again.

The wind was very constant and the gusts were long enough.

almost every run was faster :-) Max was 46.34

happy with the max speed ... nice to be finally over 46 knots again.

2 - 3 crashes were there ... but they belong to it if you reallypush it...

Temparatures were great ... without gloves and without hood ... sun all day long.

always nice to compete with the fastest surfer in the world.

@ Ralf: nice duel

Second fastest session ever for me

Thanks to:

starboard - severne - surfandkitedüsseldorf - fuerte action

precies 6 runs tussen vergadering door mooi toch.