Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel51.77
2Andy Laufer51.64
3Twan Verseput 51.32
4Vincent Valkenaers50.58
5Jacques van der Hout48.99

First windy day Luderitz Speed Challenge. This year with a totally different mindset. Promised Hans and Vincent in march to join them during this trip. Deep inside i know i am not ready for this, windsurfed only 30 times this year, do no other sports besides this, turning 46 years old this month and struggle with my back from time to time (last 8 days also, very bad timing). Don't want to make excuses but it is like it is. My goal for this event is to have a good time, try to break 50 knots over 500 meter but don't sail like an idiot over the canal. I took my time today, did only 5 runs, all relaxed. Try to help Hans and Vincent to reach their goals where ever i can. I didn't break 50 knots today but it was close, i sailed my personal record. Vincent took the belgium record with a 500 meter over 51,6 knots and soon we will know if Hans or Twan broke the dutch record. Hans had a 500 meter run of 52 knots on his GPS. Hans and Vincent make big steps and i expect them to come close to the world record. 

wauw what a day today my first time evver on the chanl t was a amazing feeling and doing real good speed today so happy 


Nice first day on the channel, need to change a shitload of battens and test them tomorrow! New sonntag asy 19 was working amazing!!!

Super stoked to be back and on fire. I’m sure i broke the dutch record but it was close with Twan. Although i haven’t had the best year with my condition i’m still blasting down the course. Big thanks thanks to my sponsors NEILPRYDE/JP-Australia/ Z-Fins And BAR DE STULP RENESSE THE BEST BAR IN THE WORLD. Greatfull after a bad year i still have full support and a big thanks to Jacq for the help. Action speaks louder then words!

Congrats, Jacques, Twan, Blue Steel and most of all Vince, the Prince! This is only the beginning of a new era Vince, cant wait to see more of this :) 

Smashed the German Record form 2015 finally. Super happy. 1st time we got enough wind here in Lüderitz. What a day. New Fanatic Protos are going insanlely good and easy.