Results of the day
1Christopher Tyack31.97
2Danny Geereedhary27.4
3Benoit LAURE26.97

A variable wind day derived by approaching tropical storm 'Carlos' Mauritius. Quite a few lulls with a wide variation of wind fronts and wind strengths on each of those. My 'GPS Logit' phone app did not properly record my time using my custom speedboard during the strongest gusts of the day, which is a great shame as my feeling is that those would have been much faster, plus I do not know if the island will get another passing storm like this in 2017 so I may have missed a great opportunity for getting a good recorded top speed session here, thats life, hopefully will get more big winds here. This record now being submitted was from earlier session recording same day using my 90 litre slalom board with 31cm F-hot fin and 5.6m point7 AC1 sail (2011) which was at times underpowered and mainly catching the gusts coming through. But at least it has pushed my average rating up a little further and I look forward to my next GPs speedsurfing device arrival hopefully soon.